El Cochinito is an animated short film made in stop-motion technique with plasticine figures.
___The story is about a little pig who is fond of gambling, but has bad luck. It's also about fear and paranoia.
___This is a personal project that comes from the interest that I've always had in the art and technique of animation.
___My goal is to achieve the best quality posible using the tools and materials available to me; things that I've been able to buy or borrow. (to the friends who have helped me, thanks!).
___Big part of the work was building the puppets and objects which in their majority were based on real ones, but I was lucky enough to find a couple of ones already made. Also a Dolly and a Crane had to be built for the camera movements.
___The inpiration for the visual and narative style came from japanese animation, I like their way of telling stories; creating something interesting, effective and expressive keeping in mind the resources, that in my case, were limited.

I tried to use and adapt that language of images and camera movements to an environment of 3-D objects.
___Part of the inspiration also came from all the cartoons that I've seen on television since I was a kid to the movies of today: live action, hand drawn animation, stop-motion and Computer Generated 3-D animation.
___This project was and is for me a way to learn different ways of doing things, in fact I would like to thank all the professional animators that participate in things like the website www.stopmotionanimation.com and others like Peter Lord & Brian Sibley for their book; for sharing with generosity their knowledge and work techniques, knowing that a lot of them didn't have that kind of help when they were starting and had to learn by trial and error.
___Well, if you already read all this, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the other options on the site.

–Daniel Ruiz Lucero


I hope you enjoy it!
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Mild violence and fake blood.

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